Understanding Your Sleep

What makes sleep so special and why should you be interested in your slumber?

About This Week

The first week is an exploration of your need for sleep. While this may sound simple, finding out your optimal sleeping duration and rhythm requires a bit of experimenting. Most of us do not actually know how much sleep we need, we just sleep when we can. Usually, that’s not nearly enough. For most people, the required amount of sleep falls between 7–9 hours. Before you can master your sleeping habits, you should know a few basic things about sleep.

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Lessons From This Week

Circadian Rhythm

In order to be in charge of your daytime rhythm it is essential to understand something about the biological mechanisms behind sleep and wakefulness. Understanding how your body rhythms work is also the key for most of the common sleep problems. There are two important processes involved: internal clock (or circadian rhythm) and sleep pressure.


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