Towards Better Slumber with Terveystalo & Nyxo

We at Nyxo are proud to announce our partnership with Terveystalo, the leading occupational health care provider in Finland!

According to the data collected by Terveystalo, having problems with sleep is most common in working ages. The number of diagnosis of sleep disorders is increasing continuously. Having work invading your personal life, consuming alcohol and using electronic devices, amongst other factors, affects your sleep quality.

Sanna Pussinen, leading occupational nurse from Terveystalo says that sleep problems accompanied by mental health problems are the most predominant factors in being an efficient worker. According to Pussinen, the cost of a sleep-deprived workforce is 60 million euros for employers in Finland.


Sleeping habits and reasons for sleep deprivation are often overlooked when prescribing medicine for catching z’s. Terveystalo is piloting a non-medical, low threshold service to be offered to their occupational health care customers with Nyxo. Nyxo is using the latest sleep research in their products and services. Nyxo is a mobile app, designed to coach the user based on their sleeping data. In this pilot, Nyxo app will be displayed as part of Terveystalo’s digital health plan, Oma Suunnitelma.

Eeva Siika-aho, co-founder and chief operating officer of Nyxo, says that you should be focusing on what happens during the day instead of focusing on what happens during the night. The backbone of proper sleep is built with routines, habits, and choices you make during the day. For example, with exercise and the lack of it, how you handle stress, how you take breaks during the day, and what activities you do at night before going to bed.


The trend of tracking one’s sleep is on the rise. This service offers to take your tracking to the next level by providing you personalized coaching based on your data. The goal is to be of help to the customer before sleep problems take over your whole life. The purpose is to offer the service to private customers as well as employers.

The coaching is offered through the digital Oma Suunnitelma by Terveystalo. Your health care professional has access to the customers sleep data and they can be in contact through the service. The idea is to offer a service with a low threshold, where the customer can get help when they have problems and concerns with their sleep. The 4-week program is the first push towards a better lifestyle, and the goal is to get better rest.

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The full release by Terveystalo can be found here (in Finnish).

Eeva Siika-aho
Co-founder of Nyxo