Drop off the Snoozing


It is easy to adopt snoozing as part of your morning routines, but it's an unnecessary habit that is possible to get rid of. If you are a daily snoozer, it might feel challenging at first, but give it some time and don't give up! Once your new snoozeless morning routine is established, getting up right away should not be a problem anymore!

Some useful tips for snoozers:

  • Place the alarm clock somewhere so hard to reach that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

  • Set up several alarm clocks to go off simultaneously, so you have to make an effort about turning them all off.

  • Set up the alarm to wake you up so late you have no other option but to get up straight away (if you don't wish to be late from your daily duties)

  • If you wake up tired, take some time to think about the possible cause. Make sure that you are genuinely sleeping enough. You can focus on previous lessons and habits to do so.