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Nyxo allows knowledge workers to improve their sleep and day rhythm, allowing them to perform better at work and keep a work-life balance.

What Nyxo Provides For Your Organization

Nyxo for Teams

Sleep is a key factor in both personal well-being and a balanced worklife. With Nyxo for Teams your whole organization can enjoy the benefits of Nyxo sleep coaching.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team

Did you know that the productivity loss caused by insufficient sleep costs hundreds of billions to the employers and the society every year? We help your organization to perform smoother and achieve your productivity goals without compromising employee well-being.

Group Analytics

(Coming soon.) We highlight the main areas of improvement by providing group-level analytics and reports on how your organization is sleeping. The data are anonymized and cannot be connected to individual employees.

Happy and Energetic Working Community

A well-rested and healthy employee is a happy and motivated employee. And happy faces set the mood for the whole working environment. Now who wouldn’t want to work in a joyful and supportive atmosphere?

Individual sleep tracking & metrics
Full access to the coaching program & materials
Nyxo Cloud service
Group-level sleep analytics (coming soon)
Quick and responsive tech support
Private consulting & intervention plans

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