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A good night’s sleep is the key to success. It makes you feel better, think better, and makes your more productive. The question is how can one improve their sleep? Once you go to bed, there isn’t much you can do to improve your sleep quality. However, there´s a clear connection between what you do during the day and your nightly sleep quality, and this is the central thesis of our sleep coaching.

How Nyxo Sleep Coaching Works

Nyxo Sleep Coaching is structured into four weeks, each one them focusing on a different part of good sleep. By connecting your sleep tracker to Nyxo, through the Nyxo app, we use your sleep data to personalize the coaching program to your unique needs. By examining different parts of daily activity, such as exercise, sleep, heart rate, and daily activity levels, we can bring you personalized advice in the form of lessons, practices, and facilitated habit change.

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