Perttu Lähteenlahti

Cognitive Scientist, Co-founder of Nyxo

Perttu Lähteenlahti is one of the co-founders of Nyxo. He has a background in cognitive science and computer science. Nyxo is the third company to be founded by Perttu. Previous to founding Nyxo, Perttu has worked in variety of industries from banking and research to healthcare and consulting, both building and designing products. Here are other interesting/weird things about Perttu:

⚡️ Perttu has competed in over 70 hackathons, 40 of which he won ⛷ He's really good downhill skiing 🤴 He once dined with the Prince of Liechtenstein 🔨 Perttu worked as a carpenter for seven years before becoming a developer/designer 📚 He read's a lot. When he was a child, people used to say he "read too much" 🎬 He likes movies, but sometimes he just reads the plot from Wikipedia and watches clips from the movie from Youtube so that he doesn't need to spend hours watching a movie that turns out to be boring.

You can read more about Perttu from his blog. You should also follow him on Twitter.

Lessons by Perttu Lähteenlahti