We’re on a mission to make the world sleep better

Our Story

Nyxo was founded in early 2019 with a mission to help people to improve their sleep and day rhythm. Our first product is Nyxo, a personalized sleep coaching program that operates from your phone, evaluates your sleeping habits and helps you tackle the issues you might have in your sleep and daily routines.

The roots of Nyxo are deeply rooted in scientific research, in a research commercialization project conducted at the University of Helsinki.

Before founding Nyxo, the founders did pioneering work on startup–corporate collaboration. With these methods, the company has had the opportunity to kick-start their business and work with the leading companies in Finland in insurance and health care business.

Scientific Advisory

Nyxo’s roots are deeply rooted in science and we constantly collaborate with the leading sleep researchers, in order to build the best possible products for improving sleep and well-being.

Join Us!

We’re a small team but growing quickly. As an early team member, you’ll have an outsized impact on what we build and how we build it. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.