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We code health

It was spring in 2014. Timo was training forthcoming personal trainers and Tuomas was amongst of them. It was like one brainstorming mind almost from the day one they met.

Instant win, one might say.

With heavy level of evidence based health knowledge and software development, they decided that there was an urgent need for an ultimate online coaching system.

In September, Diske was founded.

It took only few months to realize that there must be something else. Online coaching alone wouldn't make a worldwide deal. So rockstars gathered a team of hitmans, advisors, each of them representing the state of the art on their field.

Soon online coaching system started to turn to a holistic AI based set of tools. And plan was to offer the means for healthcare providers to enable guidance to lifestyle diseases.


Timo Kettunen

Founder / CEO

Health, science & front end

Tuomas Soinne

Founder / CTO

AI & backend

Hanna Soinne





A secret position

Do you really really want?


Antti Merilehto

Chairman of the Board

Marketing & communications

Päivi Salminen

Marketing Advisor

Marketing & communications

Patrik Borg

Nutritional Advisor

Habit-based nutrition

Vilho Ahola

Medical Advisor

MD, Lifestyle medicine


Mikko Mikkola

Legal Advisor

Legislation & contracts

Lassi Väisänen

Senior Advisor

Risk management

Lauri Soinne

Senior Advisor

MD, Neuroscience

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